We prepare for almost everything in life. Insurance to cover for accidents and sickness. Endless preparations to ensure a perfect wedding & marriage. Education Fund to safeguard our childrenís future education.


But why do we so easily neglect something so important? The reason we prepare is because we know that life is finite. Everyone who is born will eventually pass; itís not a possibility, but an eventuality. Ones passing will be the event that impacts our family and loved ones the most, both emotionally and financially. So what do we need to do?


The answer is simple: We Should Pre-Plan


Why Choose Our Team?


* We Will Always Be There To Take Care of Your Family.

* Everyone is fully taken care of because we have the best solution for you.

* You can have Peace of Mind because you have our full support.


We Take Care of Your Family
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Some well known facts about Nirvana include the following:

- We have a maintenance trust fund of over RM100 million

- You enjoy 0% interest installment plan with low down payment

- Our memorial parks are endorsed by renowned Feng Shui masters

- Comprehensive facilities with professional service support

- Our memorial parks are designed with elegant and majestic architecture

- Extraordinary investment value

- One-stop professional bereavement care service