Immediate Need

Immediate Need means no advanced preparation is done before a personís passing.


- Most people do not have any knowledge of what they have to do during this time.


Not only will the family members be forced to spend a huge amount to finance the funeral, but they will likely be making hasty decisions as well.


Many occasions where disputes will occur within family members too as they do not know what are the wishes of the passing person.


So What You Have To Do When The Need Comes So Suddenly?


Despite all the confusions happening, we will do the best we can to assist you:

1)     Contact Us @ 016-9273006

2)      Plan The Funeral (Choose a Funeral Service)

3)     Burial / Cremation (Choose a Burial Plot / Columbarium)

4)      Decide on the Final Resting Place (Nirvana Center KL, Semenyih, Shah Alam, Klang)

5)      Focus on what matters: Grieving, Saying goodbyes & Healing

We Take Care of Your Family